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Thank you all for coming on to the site and reading this!

To being with, Hello, my name is Joan. I'm from the US, and I speak 3 languages: French, Spanish, and English. I'm a developer here at Pincraft and I'd like to give you guys information surrounding our network!

We started off with one goal in mind. To form a community where all of our players can feel accepted and loved. Everyday we work hard to keep those values and strive only for the best. Our network slowly but surely got bigger and bigger. Thanks to our build team, all of our builds are built and designed on the server! Me and the Developer team have configured and gotten to work countless plugins. One of the cooler features on the server is our option for users to pick their preferred pronouns. If a player hovers over the players name, it'll display their pronouns, rank, if they're married, and their balance in our economy. Our survival servers are really unique in the sense of the gameplay. Factions are available, and there are 3 major staff factions. Dradato, Cult of Ves, and The Scattered Hakai. Each faction has their own lore, and builds! Feel free to join either of these, or make your own and conquer the world!

Second of all, we're planning on slowly expanding to other games such as: Among us, CS:GO, Pixelmon, Overwatch, Gmod, and a lot more to come! We plan on having servers for everyone, and for everyone to feel included in the end.

Thank you for supporting us and make sure to follow all of our social medias! The links are on the bottom of the site!

Feel free to send me a message with any concerns, thoughts, or suggestions, or just to have someone to talk to! Merci beaucoup pour tout!

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