What's the server IP?

It's pincraftmc.apexmc.co

What version should I run the game on?

The version should be 1.16.4 (as of 12/2/2020)

Is there a Creative world?

Yes, there is a creative world, a survival world, and arcade world (Currently a WIP)

Can anyone join the server?

Yes, invite all your friends!

Is this server Pay To Win

No, this server is not pay to win

Can I add more people to the server?

Yes, new players are always welcome.

Does this server have a minimum age requirement?

6 Years and up!

Why have I been warned?

You broke a rule. Talk to a staff member if it was a misconception.

Someone is harassing me, what do I do?

Directly message a staff member and tell them about the situation.